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General English + Exam Preparation
B1/B2 Level

Our General English course is designed to cover all aspects of English language in a progressive and methodical way. Classes are very practical, but also fun and engaging.  All skills are taught with an emphasis on fun, with a particular focus on a different skill each day

Teachers also provide students with extensive exam preparation techniques based on our years of exam preparation experience. Our teachers are very familiar with the most common English exams and will give the students the tools and understanding they need to improve their scores. Exam preparation is an intensive process, so we expect our students to commit time and energy to the classes.

Students would need to have B1 – B2 level English

Learning Outcomes:

To improve language ability
To gain confidence in their spoken English
To assist with common errors made by higher level students
To focus on exam techniques 

  • Placement test: All students will be asked to do an online placement test to help us understand student English levels and also to place the students in the most suitable group
  • All classes will take place over Zoom (students will be asked to participate, so a good stable internet connection is required, as well as a microphone and webcam)
  • Maximum 10 students per class
  • Suitable for students aged 17+ years
  • 15 hours of class

Cost: €120

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