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Internationalisation Register Courses

Students wishing to stay in Ireland for up to a year can avail of general English courses plus one or more of the exams below.
int register course

Intensive General English +

  • Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET)
  • Cambridge First Certificate Exam (FCE)
  • Cambridge Advanced Certificate Exam (CAE)
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

For students wishing to apply for a study & work visa, a course consisting of at least 15 hours of formal English-learning per week for 25 weeks is required.

Cambridge Exams held in March, June, July, August & December

  • IELTS exams held throughout the year
  • As per the General English course, students are assessed and placed in a suitable class.
  • Internationalisation Register students must follow the examination course for which a visa has been granted.
  • This course is only open to long-term students.

Booking Process

  1. Students requesting to study in Celtic School of English with a study work visa are requested to provide a copy of their passport as well as course commencement and completion dates.
  2. Celtic School of English will provide details of the course and payment details.
  3. Upon confirmation of payment of fees, Celtic School of English will issue an Offer Letter stating student name, passport number, date of birth, course name and dates.
  4. Celtic School of English also provides Medical Insurance through O’Donnell O’Neill Insurance Ltd., at a cost of €100 per student per year. Insurance will commence on date of course commencement.
  5. Should the student require information or help with accommodation, airport transfer or any other issue, Celtic School of English will provide assistance
  6. Once the visa has been granted, students can commence course on the selected dates
  7. All school fees need to be paid in advance. Celtic School of English in alliance with PayToStudy allow students to pay fees to a third party account until booking process is complete and the student has been granted a visa to study in Ireland
  8. In the event that the student is not granted a visa or cannot take up the course offer, PaytoStudy will return the fees to the student

 Attendance Policy

    • Students are continually assessed throughout their course as with all courses. Weekly tests are designed by the class teacher while uniform monthly review tests are designed to fit in with the syllabus. These monthly review tests do not change and are the same across the level.
    • Students are obliged to complete an internationally recognised exam at the end of their school year. This exam is pre-determined based on the visa granted and should be completed at the end of the course.
    • Students are obliged to sign an attendance form every day they attend class. A minimum of 85% attendance is required to pass the course.
    • Students shall provide an address and contact telephone number that will be used in any school correspondence. Should either of these change, student needs to inform the school immediately.
    • Students shall be contacted by text or telephone with regards to any last minute changes or details.
    • Students are made aware that they are obliged to attend 25 weeks in the year with 15 hours per week.
    • A Letter of Warning will be issued in the event of absence from class. Students not attending classes for a period of 3 weeks or 45 hours – 12%attendance or more will be issued with a warning.
    • If there is no improvement in attendance, and attendance has reached a downward level of 84% or less, Celtic School of English will have no choice but to expel the student and forward all details to the Immigration Officer. A Letter of Expulsion will be issued.
    • Students are also obliged to be on time for classes. Students cannot enter class if they are more than 10 minutes late. In this case the student will be marked as absent for that class (1.5-hour period). Students will be warned before attendance is affected.
  • Students will be issued with an Attendance Record if their attendance is over 85%. For Attendance Records below this level, letters will be forwarded to the local Immigration Officer.
  • Students who are absent due to illness must notify Anne by email or text as soon as they know they are going to be absent. They must do so on every day that they are absent. All days of absence will be recorded. The student should provide Anne with a Doctor’s certificate on return to class


On course commencement, Celtic School of English agrees with each student who is required to sit an Internationally recognised exam as documented on the school list of programmes for the Department of Justice on the exam to be taken. Celtic School of English and the student will agree that Celtic School of English is responsible for entering the student for the end of programme exams and that the exams are mandatory. The student signs the agreement stating that they understand the exam is mandatory and agree that they will sit the exam. This document is available for inspection in respect of each student.

Celtic School of English will submit application forms for the exams at the appropriate times and as agreed on course commencement. All records of application forms will be kept for inspection at any time in the relevant student’s file.

Anne will be responsible for all administration for exam records and applications as well as attendance, absenteeism and requests of each student (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Awarding bodies are:

Cambridge English Language Assessment (CELA)

British Council/ CELA/ IDP Australia

Academic Bonding Agreement

Celtic School of English 3 Greenview Terrace, Tralee, Co. Kerry and Killarney School of English, Muckross Road, Killarney, Co. Kerry have entered a reciprocal arrangement with regard to academic bonding to act as an alternate provider in the event that one of the schools is unable to teach non-EU students doing courses listed on the ILEP.

NOTE: In the event that a course finishes prematurely and before students have completed their course, Celtic School of English has acquired Learner Protection insurance to ensure all students will be reimbursed the balance of fees.