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General English (Full Time)

Our General English course is designed to cover all aspects of English language learning including all sub-skills to aid learning. The classes are very practical but also fun and engaging.  All skills are taught with special concentration given to a different skill each day.  Classes are held every morning from 9.30-1pm with a break where students from different nationalities have a great opportunity to mix, make friends and speak English together.

When:  All year round
Level:  All Levels
Age:    17+

Note:  These courses are approved by Bildungsurlaub (German Training Grant) and also qualify for Erasmus + Grat
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Key Learning Outcomes

To help students to attain the level of English required while enjoyng a relaxed class making new friends. 
To gain confidence in their spoken English.
To learn functional Englishto help them in their everyday lives.



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Private Individual classes can be arranged at a time to suit the student.

Intensive English: Overall the Intensive English course is designed to cover all aspects of English language learning and including all sub-skills to aid learning. The classes should be very practical but also fun and engaging. Learning should not be a chore. The Intensive English course follows the Straightforward coursebook series by Macmillan. We also focus on a particular skill each day. Students are made aware of the learning objectives for each week. In this way, they can chart their own progress as well as ask for help when required.

Intensive English + 5 privates: Students have all the benefits of the Intensive English course but then have 5 hours of one to one tuition where they can focus on their own specific needs. Students consult with the teacher to decide the private class content such as Business English, Exam Focus, Pronunciation, etc.

Intensive English + Exam English: As well as Intensive English course in the morning students prepare for their chosen exam for 2 hours each afternoon i.e. PET, FCE, CAE or IELTS

Intensive English +Business English: Students enjoy Intensive English in the morning and in the afternoon they study English specific to their work.