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Exam Tips

13 Top tips for effective study - lucky for some!
Wishing all our students the very best of luck in upcoming exams!

1. Walk before an exam - exercise can boost your memory and brain power!

2. Speak out loud instead of simply reading.

3. Reward yourself with a treat.

4. Teach what you have learned - The best way to test if you really understand something is to try to teach it to someone else.

5. Create mental associations - or mind maps.

6. Draw diagrams - Drawing diagrams will help you to visualise information which would be hard to describe.

7. Use Apps to block distracting sites.

8. Create flashcards for a quick memory buzz.

9. Take regular study breaks.

10. Don't stay up all night before an exam.

11. Try new study methods.

12. Study in a group.

13. Meditate - it helps keep you focussed.